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TDF Limousine Services FAQs

There are many questions that need to be answered when you are looking for a limousine. Sometimes those questions are overlooked when reserving the limousine or pop up after the initial contact. Feel free to call to get those questions answered. We are here for you and want you to feel comfortable about the reservation.

Contact us at or call 412-606-9549 to reserve or for questions.

Here are some popular questions and answers.

What type of limousine/limousine buses do you have available?

We have a 10 Passenger Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo, 12 Passenger Mercedes Limo Bus, 14 Passenger Mercedes Limo Bus, 16 Passenger Chevrolet Limo Bus, 18-20 Passenger Ford Limo Bus, 22-24 Passenger Ford Limo Bus, Two 24-26 Passenger GMC Limo Buses and a 28-30 Passenger Freightliner Bus.

What is a limousine bus?

It is a bus because of the size but still has the limousine wrap around seating and interior. They are equipped with TV’s, beautiful lighting, wet bars and a stereo system.

What color are the limousine/limousine buses?

All of our vehicles are black with some gold trim except for our Chrysler 300 Stretch limo; that limousine is two toned with a gorgeous charcoal gray body and black roof.

What does fully loaded Limousine or Limousine Bus mean?

Fully loaded means that you are going to party on board a REAL Limo or Limousine Bus. With ALL of the amenities. Look at any of the gallery photos and you will see. What you see with the Limo or Limousine Bus is what you get and that means:

* Disco lights    * Strobe lights    * Laser lights    * 42″ flat screen TV’s in Limo Buses    * 2-3 Flat Screen TV’s in Stretch Limo Buses    * CD/DVD player * Surround sound speaker system    * Leather couch style seating    * Over 6′ of standing room height in Limousine Buses    * Tinted windows * Multiple Wet bars

Regardless of which limo or limo bus you choose, you are certain to have the most luxurious, comfortable and stylish Limousine transportation on wheels.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., however our phones answer 24/7.

Is there a minimum rental?

Yes, the minimum rental is four (4) hours, you can rent as long as you want but our minimum is 4 hours.

How far in advance are reservations required?

Wedding dates should be reserved when all your other times are set up so you get the vehicle and the times you want.  Wedding dates in April and May should be reserved early as these are popular High School Prom months.  

Do you provide multiple pick up and drop offs locations?

Yes, it is your time frame, so you can have as many pickups/drop off locations that you would like during your reserved time frame.

Can the vehicles be seen before we reserve?

Yes.  All of the vehicle pictures are available on-line but feel free to call and set up a time with us to view the vehicles in person. Viewing the limousine/limousine buses is by appointment only so please call us at 412-606-9549.

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

It all depends on what the occasion is and how long you need the service for.

How do I pay for the limousine?

We gladly accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Discover, check cards, personal checks, money orders and Cash.  A deposit of $200.00 is required at booking and the final payment is due 2 weeks before the event.

What is included in the price?

Fuel, chauffeur’s rate, on board beverages and taxes are all included in the price for your rental. Your time starts when we first pick you up and ends when we drop you off. We do not charge you for travel time nor is there any fuel surcharge. The chauffeur’s rate is included, however, it is a service so we do suggest tipping but that is completely up to your discretion.

How do I reserve a limousine?

You would need you to call 412-606-9549 to reserve. It is $200.00 to reserve - we can take either cash, check or credit card.

Can you drink in the limousine?

Passengers of legal drinking age can drink in the limousine. Bring whatever you like to drink. We do supply some on board beverages. Under-age drinkers will not be tolerated!

Can I change/downsize/upsize my vehicle on the contract?

You can as long as there is one available.

Do we do airport transportation?

I am sorry we do not.

Do you go to any area in the Pittsburgh/surrounding areas?

There are some areas that we do not go to. It is up to the driver’s discretion as to where they will or will not go.

What are the on board beverages options?

Each and every trip is stocked with complimentary mixers (Coke & Diet Coke), bottles of water, and ice. You are welcome to bring on any of your own desired beverages. We offer two bottles of complimentary champagne to our wedding parties for a toast after the ceremony!

Can you smoke in the limousine?

Our limousines are smoke-free, but for your convenience your chauffeur will stop whenever you want.

Do chauffeurs require a special license?

Chauffeurs are required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) if the vehicle seats 16 or more passengers, including the driver. All of our drivers who drive the limousine buses have CDL license with passenger endorsements.

How much do I need for a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit is due at booking and it is $200.00.

What is the cancellation policy?

If cancellation occurs from the renter, the renter understands that the $200.00 deposit is non-refundable. If the contract is cancelled after it is signed, TDF Limousine is still authorized to collect the remaining balance in full if the limousine/limousine bus was no re-rented again on the cancelled date for the same or higher amount.

What items are provided on the limousine and what should we bring with us?

We have nice collections of CD's on board the limo, but we recommend that you bring your favorite DVD and CD's with you to listen to your favorite music on board. You can bring your I-Pod for your listening enjoyment, however you must supply your own connections. We have sufficient ice on board, a wet bar and glassware. You may bring any of your favorite  alcoholic beverages and/or mixers. Many guests also bring along their cameras to preserve their special memories from their voyage.

What if we have gone over our reservation time but want to keep the party going?

No problem! You may continue your limo reservation provided that yours is the last reservation of the day or there are no other reservations that day for that vehicle. Just check with the driver and we will do everything possible to keep the party going. You will be required to sign an additional authorization form which spells out your means of payment.

Do you have any specials with any clubs/bars?

We can get you free entry into many of the bars in the Southside, Station Square and the Strip District. We cannot guarantee the free entry into any of these establishments if you or any of your guests are not properly dressed or intoxicated. In any of these instances we cannot be responsible if the establishment refuses your admittance.

What if my friend breaks something/gets sick, etc. in the limousine/limousine bus?

As the renter, you are fully responsible for whomever you bring onto the rented vehicle. You, the renter, are responsible for everyone’s actions in the vehicle.

What do our Chauffeurs wear?

During weddings and proms our chauffer’s are dressed beyond first class. Black tuxedo pants, white shirts, black tie and beautiful purple, black and silver vests. During Night Outs, Sporting Events, any other events they are in a TDF Limousine polo with black pants.

What if I have a problem during my trip and can’t get a hold of the driver?

Please call 412-606-9549 that number is on 24/7 365 days a year. We want your experience to be the best, so please do not hesitate to call.

What if a limousine/limousine bus breaks down?

We will do everything in our power to provide another vehicle as soon as possible to keep your event moving if we cannot provide another vehicle, you will only be charged for the time used.

How do I know who my driver will be?

About a week before the event you will get an email confirmation with your tentative driver’s name, number and a recap of your itinerary just to review everything. Due to scheduling we have the right to assign anyone of our drivers to your event.